Ultra Concentrate- 32oz bottle makes 1 gallon

Ultra Concentrate- 32oz bottle makes 1 gallon

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Our newest cold brew product is shelf stable for one year and makes one Gallon of ready to drink cold brew. Mix one part cold brew to 3 parts water milk. Free shipping nationwide. 

  • Only $1.50 Per serving when you get a 4-pack
  • Makes 16 servings per bottle (1 gallon of cold brew)
  • 0 calories 0 sugar
  • Shelf stable for one year
  • No refrigeration required until opened
  • Made with specialty grade Guatemalan Beans 
  • Tasting notes of rich chocolate and toffee
  • Strong brew- two shots of espresso per cup
  • The smoothest cold brew you have ever had
  • Money back guarantee if you don't like it no questions asked
  • Free Shipping Nation wide!


Find the most frequently asked questions below.

Our cold brew is shelf stable at room temperature for an entire year. We use a all natural, state of the art, proprietary technique to create a shelf stable cold brew that tastes great!

Each bottle makes sixteen 8oz Servings.

We use a blend of specialty grade Guatemalan Beans

Mix 2oz of cold brew concentrate with 4-6oz of water or milk. Sweeten to taste or add your favorite creamer and enjoy!